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Search for survivors after Felix hits (AP)

AP - Desperate families searched through the early morning hours Thursday for scores of missing Nicaraguans on the Caribbean coast where Hurricane Felix blew away villages, flooded rivers and killed at least 18...

'Take The Stairs' Signs Work

What would it take to get you to use the stairs instead of the escalator at your local mall? A team of researchers has found that healthy messages printed on stair risers attract climbers and might even encourage them to descend the stairs later. The riser messages "Take the Stairs" and "7 Minutes of Stair Climbing Daily Protects Your Heart" increased climbing on the staircase by 190 percent and...

APEC nations wrestle with climate change (AP)

AP - Pacific Rim nations agreed Thursday that climate change was of "vital interest," but officials squabbled over whether their leaders should include energy efficiency targets in a statement at their annual...

Study: Bangladesh faces tsunami threat (AP)

AP - More than 1 million people in South Asia's Bay of Bengal could be swept to their deaths by a tsunami if a giant earthquake were to hit off the coast of Myanmar, according to a study published Thursday.

Overweight Toddlers And Those Not In Day Care At Risk For Iron Deficiency

Overweight toddlers and those not enrolled in day care are at high risk for iron deficiency, according to a new study. Based on data from a national survey of 1,641 toddlers, the study found that 20 percent of overweight toddlers were iron-deficient, compared to 8 percent of those at risk for being overweight, and 7 percent of normal-weight toddlers.

Parents' Perceptions Can Hamper Kids' Asthma Care, Study Finds

Researchers have new insight into why only half of all prescribed preventive asthma medications are actually taken daily as directed and so many kids needlessly suffer symptoms. Turns out, parents' beliefs about their children's medicines (fear of side effects or dependency, even doubt that the medicines are necessary) influence how consistently they administered the drugs.

Performance-based Pay For Teachers?

Teacher performance pay is a frequently discussed and controversial topic among kindergarten through 12th-grade educators. Recent findings by economics professors suggest that states and school districts in the United States begin developing programs that examine the effects of linking teacher pay to student achievement.

Pill Box Organizers Increase HIV Patients' Adherence And Improve Viral Suppression

Inexpensive pill box organizers are an easy, successful, and cost-effective tool to help patients take their medications as prescribed, according to a new study of low-income urban residents living with HIV infection. Incomplete adherence to HIV therapy is the most common cause of incomplete viral suppression, drug resistance, disease progression, and death among people living with HIV/AIDS.

'Lego-block' Galaxies Discovered In Early Universe

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope have joined forces to discover nine of the smallest, faintest, most compact galaxies ever observed in the distant universe. Blazing with the brilliance of millions of stars, each of the newly discovered galaxies is a 100 to 1,000 times smaller than our Milky Way Galaxy.

Dinosaur To Birds: Height Or Flight?

Paleontologists have long theorized that miniaturization was one of the last stages in the long series of changes required in order for dinosaurs to make the evolutionary "leap" to take flight and so become what we call birds. New evidence from a tiny Mongolian dinosaur, however, may leave some current theories about the evolution of flight up in the air.

Embryonic Stem Cells Used To Grow Cartilage

Bioengineers have developed a new method for growing cartilage from human embryonic stem cells -- a technique that offers a novel approach for growing replacement cartilage for the surgical repair of the knee, jaw, hip and other joints. Results indicate the method can generate cartilage that mimics different types of cartilage in the human body.

Heat Stress Influences Low Conception Of Dairy Herds

Summer heat stress is a main factor related to low conception rates in high producing dairy herds in warm areas worldwide. A research group studied the impact of several climate variables on conception rates in high producing dairy cows in northeastern Spain by examining 10,964 inseminations.

How Antibodies Fight HIV: New Evidence

Scientists have uncovered the first evidence that an HIV antibody is most effective when it binds not only to the virus, but also to host immune cells. The findings suggest that antibody efficiency depends on both directly neutralizing the virus and activating the host immune response.

Human-Animal Hybrid Embryos Approved For Research In Britain

The Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority, the body which oversees human embryo research in Britain, has approved the creation of part-human, part-animal hybrid embryos for research purposes. The Authority decided that there is no fundamental reason to prevent cytoplasmic hybrid research, according to their statement.

Large Asteroid Breakup May Have Caused Mass Extinction On Earth 65 Million Years Ago

The impactor believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs and other life forms on Earth some 65 million years ago has been traced back to a breakup event in the main asteroid belt. A joint U.S.-Czech team from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and Charles University in Prague suggests that the parent object of asteroid (298) Baptistina disrupted when it was hit by another large asteroid, creating...