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First individual human genome decoded (AFP)

AFP - The first individual genome ever sequenced -- a complete DNA blueprint of celebrity scientist Craig Venter -- has revealed genetic variation among humans far richer than previously...


Basil Orbits Earth

When she blasted off onboard the space shuttle last week, teacher-turned-astronaut Barbara Morgan carried millions of basil seeds to the ISS. Soon she'll return millions more "space seeds" for students on Earth to study.

Cosmic Cockroaches

A tough, pesky molecule possibly key to the origins of life on Earth has been spotted in deep space surviving the ferocious blastwave of a supernova explosion.

Hurtling Toward Mars

Earth and Mars are rapidly converging. Relative speed: 22,000 mph. Contrary to rumor, Mars is not about to swell to the size of a full Moon, but there is something eerie and Martian to look for in the night sky next week.

The Exploding Lunar Eclipse

On Tuesday morning, Aug. 28th, a team of astronomers and engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center will attempt something never done before--to observe meteoroids hitting the Moon and exploding during a lunar eclipse.

Ability To 'Tell The Difference' Declines As Infants Age

A new article suggests that infants fine-tune their visual and auditory systems to stimuli during the first year of life, essentially "weeding out" unnecessary discriminatory abilities. In one study, for example, 6-month-old infants were able to differentiate two human a faces as easily as two monkey faces whereas 9-month-olds could only differentiate between two human faces. Importantly, if...

Concern Over Recognizing Serious Illness In Feverish Children

A British physician believes the medical system in Britain should be offering less telephone advice and more opportunities for prompt assessment by an experienced clinician when a child has a fever. He says that the most solid evidence of recognizing clinical severity in febrile children in primary care is a full assessment by an experienced clinician. This involves eliciting a clear history and...

Male Deer Are Born To Live Fast, Die Young

Natural selection favors reproduction rather than survival. Males of ungulate species subjected to intense male-male competition in order to mate have shorter lives than females. Males are born already with smaller molars relative to their body size, which means the teeth won't last as long. These findings provide insight into how natural and sexual selection design our bodies.

Secondhand Smoke Is A Health Threat To Pets

It has been in the news for years about how secondhand smoke is a health threat to nonsmokers. Secondhand smoke is attributed with killing thousands of adult nonsmokers annually. If smoking is that harmful to human beings, it would make sense that secondhand smoke would have an adverse effect on pets that live in the homes of smokers. Researchers note that, "one reason cats are so susceptible to...

Sports Medicine Physicians Brace For The Injuries Of Football Season

Football fever is upon the nation once again. The soaring of the pigskin signals the start of the "busy" season for cheerleaders, marching bands, and inevitably, sports medicine physicians. Prevention is the primary goal of everyone involved in the sport, but when large, highly charged males engage in bodily contact, injuries are inevitable. Knee and ankle sprains are the most common injuries...