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Webb gets "SpaceWired"

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will utilize "SpaceWire," a network interface that will enable the mission's components to work more efficiently with each other.

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

In discussions about breast cancer, the male form of the disease is often overlooked -- so, men end up going longer without diagnosis or treatment


Bush visits California wildfire victims (AP)

AP - President Bush had a message Thursday for Southern Californians weary and frightened from five days of wildfires. "We're not going to forget you in Washington, D.C.," he declared in an eerie echo of what he once told Hurricane Katrina...

Heart Bypass Drugged Cited by FDA

(AP) -- The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that accumulating evidence suggests a Bayer AG drug used to prevent excessive bleeding during heart bypass surgery increases the risk of death when compared with other drugs.

Vonage Settles Verizon Patent Suit

(AP) -- Vonage Holdings Corp., the beleaguered provider of telephone service over Internet connections, said Thursday it has settled a patent lawsuit brought by Verizon Communications Inc. for a maximum of $120 million.

Canadians Welcome HPV Vaccine -- But Not At Any Price

Canadians would welcome a vaccine against the human papillomavirus if it were introduced at no charge, a Quebec, Canada survey suggests. Research shows that 91 percent of young women (18-25 year-olds) would agree to vaccination, and that 89 percent of men and women would recommend it to their daughters or nieces.

Cancer Targets On The Horizon: Emerging Therapies And Novel Targets

What are the cancer drugs of tomorrow and how will they be developed? New targets, such as cell signaling receptors found on cancer tumors, provide tantalizing targets for engineered antibodies and small inhibitory molecules. New therapeutic technologies, such as virus-based therapy against cancers metastasized to nerve cells and a unique two-headed antibody that attaches killer T cells to tumor...

Canola Oil Increases Compliance With Dietary Recommendations For Fatty Acids

People's intake of fatty acids -- which have been linked to cardiovascular disease and other conditions -- can be substantially affected by changing the type of vegetable oil they use, according to researchers. Substituting canola oil and canola-based margarine for vegetable oils and spreads, such as corn, cottonseed and soybean, "increases compliance with dietary recommendations for saturated...