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Qualcomm Raises 4Q Earnings Guidance

(AP) -- Qualcomm Inc. on Tuesday raised its profit forecast for the fourth quarter, citing higher-than-expected shipments of its chip sets for more advanced cellular phones.

Research warns that human papillomavirus might cause bladder cancer

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is considered the cause of one of the most important sexually transmitted diseases nowadays, and affects both men and women. HPV is so common in our society that only people who have never had sexual relations can be sure that they have not been exposed to this disease. However, as with other microbes, people infected do not necessarily develop the disease, because,...

Researchers set new record for brightness of quantum dots

By placing quantum dots on a specially designed photonic crystal, researchers at the University of Illinois have demonstrated enhanced fluorescence intensity by a factor of up to 108. Potential applications include high-brightness light-emitting diodes, optical switches and personalized, high-sensitivity biosensors.

Study shows how the zebrafish gets his stripe

Scientists have discovered how the zebrafish (Danio rerio) develops one of its four stripes. Their findings add to the growing list of tasks carried out by an important molecule that is involved in the arrangement of everything from nerve cells to reproductive cells in the developing embryo.

YES2 student payload released from Foton-M3

The Second Young Engineers` Satellite (YES2) was activated and separated from the Foton-M3 spacecraft earlier today. The tether deployed for 8.5 km, after which the Fotino capsule was released on its way to Earth.

Unisys Accused of DHS Breach Cover-Up

In 2006, hackers broke into Department of Homeland Security computers, copying and sending out data for hours at a time -- as long as five hours in one case. They cracked an administrator's password with privileges to modify files on thousands of DHS computers. And they began installing malware on dozens of computers, masking the intrusion and transferring files to a remote Chinese-language Web...

Windows Server 2008 Preview Out Now

Two long-awaited Microsoft releases are now available in trials. The Redmond, Washington-based company made the first release candidate of Windows Server 2008 available for downloading on Tuesday, following the start Monday of beta testing for Vista Service Pack 1. The company said in a statement that the Windows Server 2008 release candidate indicates that "engineering, development, and beta...

Splitting Water with Sunlight

Hydrogen is one of the most important fuels of the future, and the sun will be one of our most important sources of energy. Why not combine the two to produce hydrogen directly from solar energy without any detours involving electrical current? Why not use a process similar to the photosynthesis used by plants to convert sunlight directly into chemical energy?

Free Mobile Services Set To Take Off

Just when you thought your kids already spend too much time on the phone, along comes a new service that offers free mobile-phone calls and text messages for 16-to-24-year-olds who agree to accept advertising delivered onto their handsets. On Sept. 24, the hotly anticipated startup Blyk made its debut in Britain. Mobile carriers and Internet companies around the globe will be watching its...

Scientists: Rising Seas Will Reshape Nation

Ultimately, rising seas will likely swamp the first American settlement in Jamestown, Va., as well as the Florida launch pad that sent the first American into orbit, many climate scientists are predicting. In about a century, some of the places that make America what it is may be slowly erased. Global warming -- through a combination of melting glaciers, disappearing ice sheets and...

Greenhouse Gas Station Atop Volcano

An international group announced plans on Monday to erect what it claims will be the highest-altitude, greenhouse gas-monitoring center to date, to be built atop the Sierra Negra volcano in central Mexico. The Washington-based Climate Institute and other foundations and companies have raised the initial $1.9 million to pay for the station, which will join a worldwide web of similar labs at...

More Ebola Cases Confirmed in Congo

Eight more cases of Ebola have been identified in Congo, raising to 17 the number of people confirmed to have contracted the deadly illness, the World Health Organization said Tuesday. The cases were confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib told reporters in Geneva. The outbreak in Congo is the first major resurgence of Ebola in...

Amazon Goes Live with DRM-Free Music

Web retailer Amazon.com Inc. launched its much-anticipated digital music store Tuesday with nearly 2.3 million songs, none of them protected against copying. The store, Amazon MP3, lets shoppers buy and download individual songs or entire albums. The tracks can be copied to multiple computers, burned onto CDs and played on most types of PCs and portable devices, including Apple Inc.'s iPod...

'Arnie,' 'Al' Push Climate Action

(AP) -- "Arnie" and "Al," Republican and Democrat, shared the world spotlight to press for climate action, adding a touch of star quality to the staid proceedings of a U.N. summit.

A new look at the proton

Dutch researcher Paul van der Nat investigated more than three million collisions between electrons and protons. In his PhD thesis he demonstrates -- for the first time -- that the spin contribution of quarks to the proton can be studied by examining collisions in which two particles (hadrons) are produced.

Asian spacefarers race for the moon

Asian giants Japan, China and India are engaged in a race to map lunar resources and make the moon a platform to explore planets beyond, amid a renewed burst of global space activity.

Baby booms and birth control in space

Stars in galaxies are a bit similar to people: during the first phase of their existence they grow rapidly, after which a stellar birth control occurs in most galaxies. Thanks to new observations from Dutch astronomer Mariska Kriek with the Gemini Telescope on Hawaii and the Very Large Telescope in Chile, it is now known that a part of the heavy galaxies already stopped forming stars when the...