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Africa flood crisis deepens (AFP)

AFP - Fresh rainfalls and slow relief have deepened the humanitarian crisis caused by record floods in Africa which have affected more than 1.5 million people and killed at least 300, aid agencies warned...

Office 2008 for Mac Set for Jan. Release

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. said it will release three versions of its Office 2008 for Mac suite in January, with the most expensive of the bunch aimed at creative professionals overwhelmed by the task of organizing their digital media files.

Report: Microsoft May Buy Facebook Stake

(AP) -- Setting the stage for a possible bidding battle, Microsoft Corp. is mulling an investment in Facebook Inc. that would value the rapidly growing online hangout at $10 billion or more, according to a report published Monday.

Apple Warns Hacking iPhone May Harm It

(AP) -- IPhone owners who have unlocked their handsets so they could use carriers other than AT&T Inc. may end up with a phone that doesn't work after the company's next software update, Apple Inc. warned Monday.

Lymph nodes can be key in spreading prion infectivity

Lymph nodes can be crucial for spreading low doses of infective prion agents -the pathogens responsible for conditions such as scrapie and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease - into the nervous system, according to new research published in the online open access journal BMC Veterinary Research.

Poll reveals public awareness of nanotech stuck at low level

National survey findings released today indicate that Americans` awareness of nanotechnology remains low. Popular awareness is nearly as small as the tiny nanoscale materials and nano-enabled devices and products now flowing onto the market from this rapidly progressing technology that experts believe will usher in a new industrial revolution.

Printing in 3-D

It is a simple matter to print an E-book or other document directly from your computer, whether that document is on your hard drive, at a web site or in an email. But, imagine being able to 'print' solid objects, a piece of sports equipment, say, or a kitchen utensil, or even a prototype car design for wind tunnel tests. US researchers suggest such 3-D printer technology will soon enter the...