My coronavirus battle plan: keep calm and eat apricots | Emma Brockes

While the authorities implore New Yorkers to respond to facts not fear, I’ve taken to eating my stockpile

As of Thursday morning there were 11 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York state (population: 20 million) and the phony war against the virus was well under way. In the city, people tried to find a proportionate response while honouring the need to be Doing Something. This mostly took the form of using an elbow to activate the elevator and finding somewhere to store 25lb of rice. Plus, of course, wondering if now was the time to buy Apple stock.

Other questions remain. Does it make sense to cancel your spring break in Cancún when you pass through Times Square every day? How do you disinfect a phone? Are we supposed to be washing our hands multiple times even when we haven’t left our apartments? Does eating turmeric really work? And the big one: how much guilt should I feel for enjoying a massive sense of relief when a bunch of things I didn’t want to go to were cancelled?

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