The Covid report should damn this government: it’s tragic that it won’t | Marina Hyde

It is a clear indictment of Boris Johnson’s administration and its scientific advisers. How jolly he’s still riding high in the polls

You will note that good news bear Boris Johnson has given the old swerve-a-roo to the release of the Covid select committee report. Doubtless the prime minister would like to respond in full to this tragic indictment of the UK’s catastrophic response to the pandemic, but he is sadly prevented from doing so by being on his holibobs in Marbs. I hear the paella’s great, if that helps?

Anyway: the report. Given that one of its milder conclusions is “pandemics like Covid-19 will become more common”, it feels like something to which we should pay attention. Then again if our overlords actually cared about “lessons being learned” from mass avoidable tragedy, we would have had a speedy inquiry into what went wrong in the first wave in summer 2020, as plenty of people were demanding at the time, which might have prevented tens of thousands more dying in the second wave. Hey ho. A real public inquiry is apparently scheduled for spring 2022. I haven’t got a date for the inquiry into the winter that we’re about to have, but will keep you posted.

Marina Hyde is a Guardian columnist

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