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How heat treatment affects a milk alternative made from rice and coconut water

Whether they're made from soybeans, almonds, oats, or just sourced straight from the cow, milk products must go through heat treatment to prevent harmful bacterial growth and keep them safe. But understanding how these processes affect new, plant-based milk formulations could make the beverages more pleasant to drink as well. Researchers reporting in ACS Omega have discovered how pasteurization...

New study links brain waves directly to memory

Simply remembering events can trigger brain rhythms, even more so than when people are experiencing the actual event, says a new study. The findings could lay foundations for cognitive impairment therapy and help improve memory.

Has academia become more gender-fair for women? Findings from an adversarial analysis of gender bias

Pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) has historically required women to confront significant gender bias within the world of academia. But it's important to update our perceptions of this gender bias so that women are not needlessly discouraged from pursuing these careers today, according to findings by Stephen J. Ceci (Cornell University), Shulamit Kahn...

Why you shouldn't declaw tigers or other big cats

Declawing house cats to keep them from scratching people and furniture is controversial—and even banned in some countries and areas in the U.S.—but the practice is not limited to house cats. In a new study, researchers looked at the effects of declawing on larger cat species and found that declawing disproportionately impacts their muscular capabilities as compared to their smaller brethren.

More metal-organic frameworks, fewer problems: A self-supervised transformer model for property prediction

For decades, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have been captivating researchers because of their wide range of applications: gas absorption, water harvesting, energy storage and desalination. Until now, quickly and inexpensively selecting the top performing MOFs for specific tasks has been challenging. Enter MOFormer, a machine learning model that can achieve higher accuracy on prediction tasks...

Improving wildfire predictions with Earth-scale climate models

Wildfires have shaped the environment for millennia, but they are increasing in frequency, range and intensity in response to a hotter climate. The phenomenon is being incorporated into high-resolution simulations of the Earth's climate by scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, with a mission to better understand and predict environmental change.

Harnessing the power of light: Advancements in photonic memory for faster optical computing

Technological advancements like autonomous driving and computer vision are driving a surge in demand for computational power. Optical computing, with its high throughput, energy efficiency, and low latency, has garnered considerable attention from academia and industry. However, current optical computing chips face limitations in power consumption and size, which hinders the scalability of optical...