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RIM Snaps Up Documents To Go App-Maker

Blackberry-maker Research In Motion has acquired the assets of DataViz for an undisclosed sum. The firm's most popular app, known as Documents To Go, comes pre-loaded on some BlackBerry models, but RIM has not disclosed the fate of the app for other platforms. Documents To Go is an all-in-one application with support for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, as well as Adobe PDF,...

IDC: Android To Grab Number-Two Spot In 2014

Adding to a growing chorus of good news for Google, Inc. about its mobile operating system, a new study by the Research firm IDC sees Android shooting past Research in Motion's BlackBerry to seize second place in the global smartphone market by 2014. IDC sees Android's share growing by more than 50 percent from 16.3 to 24.6 in the next four years, leaving it trailing only Nokia's Symbian in...

Symantec Unwraps Norton 2011 Suite, Free Tools

Symantec launched the 2011 editions of Norton Antivirus and Norton Internet Security Wednesday, as the security software maker indicated that 65 percent of consumers worldwide -- and almost three-quarters of U.S. Web surfers -- have already fallen victim to cybercrimes. This makes comprehensive online security protection more important than ever, Symantec executives said. Available for...

Are some governments taking 'peak oil' seriously?

(PhysOrg.com) -- One of the arguments that some bring up in defense of alternative energy is that of "peak oil." The idea behind peak oil is that, as a fossil fuel in limited supply, eventually we will reach a point where oil production hits its maximum capability -- and then begins to decline. Because there aren't endless supplies of oil, and because it is a finite resource, the idea is that we...

Back to work after salmonella case

(AP) -- The peanut industry executive whose filthy processing plants were blamed in a salmonella outbreak two years ago that killed nine people and sickened hundreds more is back in the business.

Brain mechanism linked to relapse after cocaine withdrawal

Addictive drugs are known to induce changes in the brain's reward circuits that may underlie drug craving and relapse after long periods of abstinence. Now, new research, published by Cell Press in the September 9 issue of the journal Neuron, uncovers a specific neural mechanism that may be linked to persistent drug-seeking behavior and could help to guide strategies for development of new...

Coping with chemo in childhood cancer

Although nausea and vomiting are common in children undergoing chemotherapy, few quality studies identify absolutely the best way to prevent and treat this problem in kids, said Robert Phillips, M.D., lead author of a new Cochrane review. Phillips, a pediatric oncologist at St. James`s Hospital in Leeds, England, said the main finding is the paucity of data that he and his colleagues uncovered.

Divine dione captured by Cassini

Cruising past Saturn's moon Dione this past weekend, NASA's Cassini spacecraft got its best look yet at the north polar region of this small, icy moon and returned stark raw images of the fractured, cratered surface.

Gamer suspended over name of W.Va. town: Fort Gay

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. and the chief rules enforcer for Xbox Live are apologizing to a small West Virginia town and a 26-year-old gamer accused of violating the online gaming service's code of conduct by publicly declaring he's from Fort Gay - a name the company considered offensive.

Linking microbial sex and virulence

Two opportunistic pathogens that were once thought to be very different have evolved some sexual reproduction and disease-causing habits that are not only similar but also suggest that in the microbial world sex and virulence are closely linked, according to a review published this week in the online journal mBio.

Novel sensing mechanism discovered in dendritic cells to increase immune response to HIV

Dendritic cells are the grand sentinels of the immune system, standing guard 24/7 to detect foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, and bring news of the invasion to other immune cells to marshal an attack. These sentinels, however, nearly always fail to respond adequately to HIV, the virus causing AIDS. Now a team of scientists at NYU Langone Medical Center has discovered a sensor in...

Oracle plans to give Hurd $950,000 annual salary

(AP) -- Oracle Corp. plans to pay newly appointed co-President Mark Hurd a base salary of $950,000 annually and said the ousted Hewlett-Packard Co. CEO is eligible for a target bonus of $5 million in the current fiscal year.