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Report: Primates in danger of extinction (AP)

AP - Almost a third of all apes, monkeys and other primates are in danger of extinction because of rampant habitat destruction, the commercial sale of their meat and the trade in illegal wildlife, a report released Friday...

Emergence Of Recombinant Forms Of HIV: Dynamics And Scaling

The emergence of drug resistant forms of HIV often underlies the failure of current antiretroviral therapies for HIV infection. Specific mutations in the HIV genome confer resistance to individual drugs. A new model provides a framework for predicting the development of multi-drug resistance in HIV patients.

High-tech Textiles Pave The Way For Glowing Garments

New high-tech battery-powered textile yarns can be used to make clothing glow in the dark. These textiles could improve safety of cyclists, joggers and pedestrians on dark winter days. Current high visibility products -- such as those used by emergency services, cyclists and highway maintenance workers -- depend on external light sources to make them visible.

Insect Causing Unsightly 'Zebra Chip' Potatoes

Tiny, cicadalike insects called psyllids are the prime suspects in investigations into the "zebra chip" disorder of potatoes. Zebra chip refers to dark, unsightly stripes that appear inside afflicted tubers, especially when cut and fried to make chips.

Mars With Ice: Detailed Picture Of Frigid Red Planet Emerges

Mars, like Earth, is a climate-fickle water planet. The main difference is that water on the frigid red planet is rarely liquid, preferring to spend almost all of its time traveling the world as a gas or churning up the surface as ice. That's the global picture literally and figuratively coming into much sharper focus as various Mars-orbiting cameras send back tomes of unprecedented super...

Microbes Plus Sugars Equals Hydrogen Fuel?

Wanted: Bacterium that can eat sugar or sludge; must be team player or electrochemically active; ability to survive without oxygen, a plus. Thus might read the bacterial "job description" posted by scientists, who are collaborating on ways to make microbial fuel cells more efficient and practical.

Microbial Biofilms Evoke Jekyll & Hyde Effects

Microbes such as bacteria tend to live in complex colonies called biofilms, where they can resist antibiotics and cause more problems for the immune system. Biofilms comprising millions of bacteria are at the root of many serious chronic infectious diseases such as cystic fibrosis and periodontal disease, as well as industrial contamination, biofouling and biocorrosion.

Safer Gene Therapy? Hope For Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and MS

It is possible to sustain therapeutic gene expression in the central nervous system for up to a year, even in the presence of an anti-viral immune response mechanism that is normally present in humans, according to new research. This finding may pave the way to more effective, long lasting, and safer gene therapy treatments.

When Will Biofuels Be At Every Fuel Pump, And From Where Will They Come?

Ethanol blends are already available at some US gas stations. However, their availability varies from state to state, depending on the volume of ethanol produced. Sources of biomass for biofuel production in each state also vary widely. Although there is no finite development timeline, there is clearly a race for biofuels as the cost of petroleum reaches previously unimaginable levels, reserves...

Microsoft 1Q Profit Beats Street

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. said its fiscal first-quarter profit rose 23 percent as brisk sales of the new "Halo 3" video game, Windows and Office helped the software maker breeze past Wall Street's expectations.

How to design a cancer-killing virus

One new way to treat individuals with cancer that is being developed is the use of viruses that infect and kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. These viruses are known as virotherapeutics. In a new study, David Kirn and colleagues at Jennerex Biotherapeutics, San Francisco, have described the development of a new virotherapuetic with antitumor effects in both mice and rabbits.

Bush visits California wildfire victims (AP)

AP - President Bush had a message Thursday for Southern Californians weary and frightened from five days of wildfires. "We're not going to forget you in Washington, D.C.," he declared in an eerie echo of what he once told Hurricane Katrina...