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Cats can infect each other with coronavirus, Chinese study finds

Feline transmission to humans not shown but infected pet owners warned to be carefulCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageCat owners may wish to be more cautious about contact with their pets as a study from China has revealed Covid-19 can be transmitted between cats.The team, at Harbin Veterinary Research Institute in China, found that cats are highly susceptible to...

Coronavirus live news: Italy records lowest daily increase in deaths in a week

Germany and Italy extend lockdowns; Spain cases pass 100,000; global cases near 900,000; record daily fatalities in UKUS coronavirus - latest updatesAt a glance: summary of key events Wimbledon cancelled due to coronavirus crisisBrazil state governors ignore Bolsonaro amid anger over handling of crisis See all our coronavirus coverage 7.00pm BST The Scottish government has significantly increased...

Physical force alone spurs gene expression, study reveals

Cells will ramp up gene expression in response to physical forces alone, a new study finds. Gene activation, the first step of protein production, starts less than one millisecond after a cell is stretched—hundreds of times faster than chemical signals can travel, the researchers report.