286 articles from TUESDAY 8.6.2021

Radicalized and believing in conspiracies: Can the cycle be broken?

If your idea of conspiracy theories entails aliens, UFOs, governmental cover-ups at Roswell Air Force Base, and the melody of The X-Files—you're not alone. That was, indeed, the classic notion, says Scott Tyson, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Rochester.

Researchers create self-sustaining, intelligent, electronic microsystems from green material

A research team from the University of Massachusetts Amherst has created an electronic microsystem that can intelligently respond to information inputs without any external energy input, much like a self-autonomous living organism. The microsystem is constructed from a novel type of electronics that can process ultralow electronic signals and incorporates a device that can generate electricity...

A call for global oversight of unproven stem cell therapies

The promotion and marketing of unproven stem cell therapies is a global problem that needs a global solution, say experts. The authors of the paper call for the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish an advisory committee on regenerative medicine to tackle this issue and provide guidance for countries around the world.

An unprecedented survey of the 'nurseries' where stars are born

Astronomers have taken a big step forward in understanding the dark and violent places where stars are born. Over the past five years, an international team of researchers has conducted the first systematic survey of 'stellar nurseries' across our part of the universe, charting the more than 100,000 of these nurseries across more than 90 nearby galaxies and providing new insights into the origins...

Monarchs raised in captivity can orient themselves for migration

Researchers found monarchs raised in captivity can successfully migrate if given time to orient themselves. They discovered this by equipping the butterflies with tiny radio transmitters and monitoring them for 200 km, debunking previous research that found the butterflies couldn't orient themselves. Monarchs released into the wild flew in the proper direction because they were exposed to natural...

From burglar alarms to black hole detectors

Last year a physicist proposed an experiment that could conclusively prove whether gravity is a quantum phenomenon. In a new article, he describes how two types of noise could be reduced and suggests that quantum interference could be applied in the production of a sensitive instrument that could detect movements of objects ranging from butterflies to burglars and black holes.