164 articles from TUESDAY 21.9.2021

Regulator proteins or symphonies of genes: Statistical modeling points way toward unified theory for DNA folding

Researchers seek to point a way toward a unified theory for how DNA changes shape when expressing genes. The scientists use an approach called statistical mechanics to explore the phenomenon of so-called expression waves of gene regulation. The group hopes to reconcile a long-standing gulf between the two scientific fields most involved in the topic, using concepts common to biology and physics.

Which types of brain activity support conscious experiences?

Our subjective experience appears to us in a continuous stream of integrated information, and researchers now explore the question: Which characteristics should brain activity have to support this type of conscious experiences? The group searched for integrated structures that encompass most of the brain but change configuration from time to time. Their hypothesis was these structures should...

Carbon fibers electrical measurements pave way for lightning strike protection technologies

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite structures are important in several industries, yet the electrical behavior of a composite is challenging to measure or predict because of the electrical conductivity of constituent carbon fibers and the composite's complex hierarchical microstructure. Researchers report a direct measurement of the transverse electrical resistivity of a single carbon...

Researchers use exosome-based strategy to block HIV in mice

Researchers used exosomes, tiny nanoparticles capable of being taken up by cells, to deliver novel protein into the cells of mice infected with HIV. The protein attached to HIVs' genetic material and prevented it from replicating, resulting in reduced levels of HIV in the bone marrow, spleen, and brain. The study paves the way for the development of novel delivery systems for suppressing HIV.

Four dinosaurs discovered in Montana

A team of paleontologists excavated four dinosaurs in northeastern Montana this summer. The four dinosaur fossils are: the ilium -- or hip bones -- of an ostrich-sized theropod, the group of meat-eating, two-legged dinosaurs that includes Tyrannosaurus rex and raptors; the hips and legs of a duck-billed dinosaur; a pelvis, toe claw and limbs from another theropod that could be a rare ostrich-mimic...

Is your child a fussy eater?

New research is providing a better understanding of what influences fussy eaters, and what is more likely to increase or decrease picky eating in children under 10.

Who's paying for your Uber?

A new study from Ph.D. graduate Jacob Ward, Professor Jeremy Michalek of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) and Mechanical Engineering (MechE), and Associate Professor Costa Samaras of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University quantifies the costs and benefits of taking a trip with a transportation network company (TNC), like Uber or Lyft. They found that a TNC trip...