157 articles from THURSDAY 3.11.2022

Research shows COVID-19 lockdown did not lead to quieter offshore ocean

Life on land may have quieted down during the height of the pandemic, but far offshore the Atlantic Ocean was just as active as ever according to a new study from the University of New Hampshire. Researchers found that there was no significant change in the continental shelf's underwater soundscape during the year 2020—a surprising contrast to earlier reports of quieter coastal waters during...

New data buoy hopes for promising malaria vaccine—but questions remain

A new vaccine against malaria showed promising preliminary results in a large trial in four African countries, boosting hopes that an additional tool may soon be available to help control the deadly disease. The vaccine, named R21/Matrix-M and developed by researchers at the University of Oxford, produced similarly impressive results in a small trial last year ,...

Macho makeup: New research on how cosmetics increase attractiveness in men

Much research has been devoted to understanding the effect of makeup on perceptions. Several studies using carefully controlled before and after photographs have found that women's faces with makeup are judged as more attractive by both male and female raters than the same faces without makeup. This effect has been found across several styles of makeup, across ethnicities, and across various ages....

Researchers' revamped AI tool makes water dramatically safer in refugee camps

Researchers from York University's Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research and Lassonde School of Engineering have revamped their Safe Water Optimization Tool (SWOT) with multiple innovations that will help aid workers unlock potentially life-saving information from water-quality data regularly collected in humanitarian settings.

Combining neutrons and X-ray imaging, scientists study meteorites to explore how Earth acquired its water

Each year, hundreds of meteorites—rocky bodies left over from the formation of the solar system—bombard Earth, delivering minerals, metals and water to our planet. Analyzing the crevices and mineral-rich deposits inside meteorites not only reveals the early history of planet formation but may provide clues about how the young Earth acquired water and other ingredients essential for life.

Exploring the use of biostimulants within the Georgia golf industry

Golf course superintendents are often under pressure to maintain high-quality turf. Such demand entails use of inputs, which can include biostimulants that are often marketed as a way of combating plant stress and improving turf quality. However, the extent of their use by superintendents and their level of efficacy are not well understood.

A novel instructive role for the entorhinal cortex discovered

Researchers have discovered the mechanistic steps underlying a new type of synaptic plasticity called behavioral timescale synaptic plasticity (BTSP). The study reveals how the entorhinal cortex (EC) sends instructive signals to the hippocampus -- the brain region critical for spatial navigation, memory encoding, and consolidation -- and directs it to specifically re-organize the location and...

Summer mechanical hedging to prune eight cider apple cultivars

The results of a study by researchers at Washington State University published in the journal HortTechnology, show that summer mechanical hedging could significantly reduce pruning labor time and costs in cider apples. To date, cider apple orchard management has followed the same guidelines as dessert apples, with all pruning done by hand. This can represent about 20–25% of total labor costs.

Novel nanowire fabrication technique paves way for next generation spintronics

As our world modernizes faster than ever before, there is an ever-growing need for better and faster electronics and computers. Spintronics is a new system which uses the spin of an electron, in addition to the charge state, to encode data, making the entire system faster and more efficient. Ferromagnetic nanowires with high coercivity (resistance to changes in magnetization) are required to...