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Study links record-breaking rainfall events in separate regions

In September 2021, record-breaking rainfall occurred in both Northwest India and North China. This was unexpected in the climatological sense, because the rainy season is generally in July and August over Northwest India and North China, and subsequently, in September, precipitation reduces remarkably.

Simulations reproduce complex fluctuations in soft X-ray signal detected by satellites

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have used numerical methods to model the variations observed in soft X-ray signals detected by X-ray satellites. They analyzed data from the Suzaku telescope and compared it with modeling of solar winds interacting with the most upper parts of our atmosphere. They succeeded in capturing how the signal varied with the orbital motion of the satellite,...

Tool helps catch bacterial infections in real time

A research team led by Professor Xiang David Li from the Department of Chemistry at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has developed a novel chemical tool to reveal how bacteria adapt to the host environment and control host cells. This tool can be used to investigate bacterial interactions with the host in real-time during an infection, which cannot be easily achieved by other methods. The...

Discovering unique microbes made easy with new software platform

Microbes are foundational for life on Earth. These tiny organisms play a major role in everything from transforming sunlight into the fundamental molecules of life. They help to produce much of the oxygen in our atmosphere. They even cycle nutrients between air and soil. Scientists are constantly finding interactions between microbes and plants, animals, and other macroscopic lifeforms.

Starwatch: Auriga hidden in plain sight beside its famous neighbours

Constellation is often associated with Greek myth of Phaeton, who went on reckless joyride with the sunThis week, search out the northern constellation of Auriga, the charioteer. It was first listed in Ptolemy’s second-century compendium The Almagest, making it one of the oldest constellations.Although often overshadowed by its neighbours, Orion and Taurus, Auriga contains the sixth brightest...