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Cell Phones Double As Electronic Wallets

(AP) -- It's Thursday, so 18-year-old Dennis Tiangco is off to a bank to collect his weekly allowance, zapped by his mother - who's working in Hong Kong - to his electronic wallet: his cell phone.

Japan's Minamata Disease Still Lingers

(AP) -- The dawn is still only a faint glow beyond distant mountains, but fisherman Akinori Mori and his wife, Itsuko, are already hard at work on their boat, reeling in nets of squid, fish and crabs.

New tropical storm forms in Atlantic

A new tropical storm dubbed Melissa has formed in the eastern Atlantic, becoming the 13th named storm appearing in the ocean this hurricane season, the US government announced Saturday.

Ozone shuts down early immune response in lungs and body

As policy makers debate what levels of ozone in the air are safe for humans to breathe, studies in mice are revealing that the inhaled pollutant impairs the body`s first line of defense, making it more susceptible to subsequent foreign invaders, such as bacteria.

The battle for mile-high luxury takes off

The contract to provide carpeting on planes is perhaps not the most glamorous side of aviation. But for Wilbert Beilsma, the export manager for Dutch carpet company Desso, the subtleties of the weave and the yarn can save an airline 4,000 euros (5,650 US) per plane in annual fuel costs if the carpet is lightweight enough.


FDA Officials: Cold Meds Not for Kids

(AP) -- Very young children simply should not take some commonly used cold and cough medicines, federal health officials say in recommending that the "consult your physician" advice to parents on the labels be dropped.

Bush Seeks New Image on Global Warming

(AP) -- President Bush's call on Friday for a new fund to reduce global warming fell flat with Europeans and environmentalists who say U.N.-mandated cuts in greenhouse gases are what's needed.

'Bad carbs' not the enemy, UV professor finds

The latest common wisdom on carbohydrates claims that eating so-called “bad” carbohydrates will make you fat, but University of Virginia professor Glenn Gaesser says, “that`s just nonsense.” Eating sandwiches with white bread, or an occasional doughnut, isn't going to kill you, or necessarily even lead to obesity, he said.

Apple Lawyer to Leave for Qualcomm

(AP) -- In a shuffle between companies with legal challenges spanning the globe, Apple Inc. general counsel Donald Rosenberg is leaving for Qualcomm Inc. after just 10 months in the post.

Bain Capital Partners to Buy Out 3Com

(AP) -- Network equipment maker 3Com Corp. is giving up its independence in a $2.2 billion buyout by Bain Capital Partners, but it's gaining freedom from the whims of the market and a chance to expand in China.

Gap Job Applicants' Data Stolen

(AP) -- A thief stole a laptop computer containing unencrypted personal information of 800,000 people who applied for jobs at Gap Inc., the clothing retailer announced Friday.

Satellite Images May Show Myanmar Abuses

(AP) -- While the government's bloody crackdown on street demonstrations in Myanmar has drawn the world's attention, newly released satellite photos provide evidence that the military there has destroyed villages and forcibly relocated people in the countryside.