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Snoozing worms help Penn researchers explain the evolution of sleep

Researchers report that the round worm has a sleep-like state, joining most of the animal kingdom in displaying this physiology. This research has implications for explaining the evolution and purpose of sleep and sleep-like states in animals, as well as identifying drug targets for sleep disorders.


A new way to boost red blood cell numbers

A common treatment for anemia is administration of recombinant erythropoietin, a hormone that stimulates the production of rbc precursors by the bone marrow. Unfortunately, many patients with anemia do not respond to treatment with Epo. However, a new study in mice has indicated that the protein Gas6 might have valuable therapeutic potential for the treatment of individuals with anemia who fail to...

A PIN(1) prick for lung scarring: inhibiting PIN1 reduces rodent lung scarring

Chronic asthma often results in scarring of the lung airways (airway fibrosis) and this can cause airway obstruction. The soluble factor TGF-beta-1, produced by inflammatory cells known as eosinophils, drives the processes that cause airway fibrosis. New data, generated in rodents, has now led to the suggestion that targeting the protein PIN1 might provide a new approach to limiting airway...

Autism risk higher in people with gene variant

This study strengthens evidence that a gene, CNTNAP2, is involved in autism, and suggests that the link is strongest when a variation in the gene is inherited from moms, rather than dads. The gene encodes a protein that's known to mediate interactions between brain cells and that appears to enable a crucial aspect of brain-cell development. A gene variant that altered either of these activities...

Chandra data reveal rapidly whirling black holes

A new study using results from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory provides one of the best pieces of evidence yet that many supermassive black holes are spinning extremely rapidly. The whirling of these giant black holes drives powerful jets that pump huge amounts of energy into their environment and affects galaxy growth.

Climate change, gender differences, health among EurekAlert! 10 Most Popular Stories in 2007

Global climate change was a leading topic of interest for EurekAlert! users in 2007. This interest was reflected through two stories that portrayed significantly different messages about the future of Earth's climate. The EurekAlert! 10 Most Popular Stories in 2007 were identified by monitoring Web site traffic and isolating the news releases that received the highest total number of visits...

Common molecule notifies immune system of prostate cancer

In experiments with mice, researchers have found that the body's immune system can use a surprisingly common molecule to recognize prostate tumors. Understanding how this protein signals the immune system to respond to malignant cells may help researchers refine immunotherapy strategies that harness the body's own immune system to fight tumors.

CSHL scientists identify cells that promote formation of lethal lung metastases

Cancer patients usually ask what can be done after a primary tumor has already spread, or metastasized, to other organs. In many cases, they learn, little can be done. Hence the importance of a discovery by scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of a type of cell that regulates the transformation of small, dormant lung metastases into large, aggressive metastases -- the kind that kill cancer...

Doctor 'pay-for-performance' improves patient care

A new study examines whether patients seeing physicians participating in a "pay-for-performance" incentive program receive better care than those who saw nonparticipating physicians. The health plan that was examined reimburses physicians based on the quality of care they provide.

Eat less or exercise more? Either way leads to more youthful hearts

Overweight people who lose a moderate amount of weight get an immediate benefit in the form of better heart health, according to a study conducted at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. And the heart improvements happen whether that weight is shed by eating less or exercising more.

Feeling the heat

Energy now lost as heat during the production of electricity could be harnessed through the use of silicon nanowires synthesized via a technique developed by researchers with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley. The far-ranging potential applications of this technology include DOE's hydrogen fuel cell-powered "Freedom CAR," and personal...

For nutrition info, moms like the Web best

A Web site is a better source of information on nutrition than a video game or printed pamphlet, according to a study of low-income mothers reported in the January issue of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.