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Study uncovers the influence of the livestock industry on climate policy through university partnerships

The livestock industry's impact on climate change has long been a subject of concern, as detailed in the 2006 United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization's 390-page report "Livestock's Long Shadow." The report provided the first global assessment of animal agriculture's contribution to anthropogenic warming, land degradation, air pollution, water shortage and loss of biodiversity. Further,...

Cyber-physical heating system may protect apple blossoms in orchards

Spring frosts can have devastating effects on apple production, and a warming climate may be causing trees to blossom early, making them more susceptible to the damaging effects of extreme cold events. Growers' attempts to prevent the flowers from freezing by attempting to heat the canopies of their orchards largely have been inefficient.

Biochemists discover compound that inhibits evolution of antibiotic resistance

Vanderbilt scientist Houra Merrikh led a team of researchers who discovered the first anti-evolution chemical compound that prevents drug resistance development in bacteria. The compound is also a drug development platform that targets antimicrobial resistance during treatment of infections with antibiotics and evolution in general, Merrikh said.

Slimming down a colossal fossil whale

A 30 million year-old fossil whale may not be the heaviest animal of all time after all, according to a new analysis by paleontologists. The new analysis puts Perucetus colossus back in the same weight range as modern whales and smaller than the largest blue whales ever recorded.

Lockdowns had an impact on gut microbes and allergies in newborns, new research reveals

Lockdowns imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the gut microbiome development of babies born during these periods according to new research. Our gut microbiome, an ecosystem of microbes that live in our digestive tract, plays an essential role in human health. The study reveals significant differences in the microbiome development of babies born during lockdown periods when...

A lightweight fish pen to move farms to deeper seas

The University of Queensland has co-led a project to design a cost effective yet robust pen to expand fish farming into deeper ocean areas to help feed the growing global population. The research is published in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering.

Dazzling sky survey maps 5,259 galaxy clusters and sheds light on dark matter

Cosmologists have long been on the hunt for dark matter, which makes up 80 percent of the mass in the universe, and yet is still mysterious. As its name suggests, dark matter doesn’t emit light, absorb light, or interact with normal matter at all. We can only detect the presence of dark matter through itsContinue reading "Dazzling sky survey maps 5,259 galaxy clusters and sheds light on dark...

Unlocking the mechanism of pineapple internal browning

Internal browning (IB) is a significant post-harvest issue in pineapples, impacting fruit quality and leading to substantial losses, yet its mechanism remains poorly understood. Studies have shown that the accumulation of phenolic compounds plays a key role in tissue browning development.