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Hot drinks encourage warmer feelings

A steaming hot drink may be all it takes to see the world through rose-tinted glasses, psychologists have found.Holding a warm cup of coffee was enough to make people think strangers were more welcoming and trustworthy, while a cold drink had the opposite effect, a study found.The warmth of a drink also influenced whether people were more likely to be selfish or give to others, researchers report...

Raj Persaud quits as consultant at leading hospital

The disgraced celebrity psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud has left his job at a leading hospital four months after being convicted of dishonesty by a disciplinary tribunal.Persaud, who has lost media commissions after admitting plagiarism at a General Medical Council hearing in June, has stepped down as a consultant psychiatrist for the South London and Maudsley NHS trust. The move follows talks with...

Drax Group has £2bn plan for biomass power stations

Drax Group, the owner of Britain's most carbon-intensive power station, is turning green with a £2bn plan to build the country's first large-scale biomass plants which burn plant-based materials.The three facilities in Hull, Immingham and probably the North Yorkshire village of Drax itself, will have the capacity to produce 900 megawatts of electricity - enough to supply 3% of the country's...

Big Chinese companies join climate group

One of China's biggest companies will today become the first state-controlled business in the country to join an international agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions.The powerful Climate Group will announce three Chinese members, including the majority state-owned China Mobile, which has 420 million customers and is one of the country's 10 biggest companies. It is the world's biggest mobile...

Greek dig unearths Neolithic household gear

(AP) -- A 6,000 year-old set of household gear, including crockery and two wood-fired ovens, has been found in the buried ruins of a prehistoric farmhouse in northern Greece, officials said Thursday.

NASA tries again to get ailing Hubble working

(AP) -- NASA is trying again to wake up the sleeping science computer on the Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble hasn't been able to take pictures since late September because its computer couldn't collect and transmit photos. NASA tried to wake up a backup system last week, but ran into new problems that shut the computer down again.


Cardiac risk estimates differ for Christian and Muslim patients

In a study of medical students, more serious cardiac risk estimates were given to Christians and less serious estimates for Muslims despite the patients being otherwise identical in their characteristics and symptoms, according to research in an upcoming issue of Medical Decision Making published by SAGE. Risk assessment, the first step in a medical triage process, determines subsequent treatment.

Diversity of trees in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest defies simple explanation

Trees in a hyper-diverse tropical rainforest interact with each other and their environment to create and maintain diversity, researchers report in the Oct. 24 issue of the journal Science. This study was conducted in the Yasuni forest dynamics plot of the Pontificia Universidad Cat¨(R)lica del Ecuador, the most diverse tropical forest site associated with the Center for Tropical Forest...