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Airplane Design:Better Flight-control Systems, Safer, Cheaper, And Greener

Scientists are developing a new computer-aided holistic solution for the early phase of aircraft design. With knowledge from many fields, it is possible to propose the right solution for the aircraft's control system at an early stage. This reduces the risk of wasted efforts on faulty designs, which entails lower developmental costs and enhanced safety.

Bird Completes Epic Flight Across The Pacific

A female Bar-tailed Godwit, a large, streamlined shorebird, has touched down in New Zealand following an epic, 18,000-mile-long (29,000 km) series of flights tracked by satellite, including the longest non-stop flight recorded for a land bird. On March 17, E7 departed Miranda on the North Island of New Zealand and flew non-stop to Yalu Jiang, China, completing the 6,300-mile-long flight in about...

Bouncing Breasts Spark New Bra Challenge

Breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with, according to a new study. And they also bounce more during exercise -- up to 21cm rather than the maximum 16cm bounce measured in past studies. Bras are designed to stop breasts bouncing but this study shows that breasts also move side to side and in and out. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of women experience breast...

Divorce Foretells Child's Future Care For Elderly Parent

Baby boomers approach retirement with more complex marital histories than previous generations. The impact of these events -- divorces, widowhood and remarriage -- can predict if a child will provide more involved care in the future. Divorce predicted an adult child would be less of involved with day-to-day assistance later in life for the aging parent.

Does Underground Water Regulate Earthquakes?

Earthquakes happen to be surface (shallow-focus), intermediate and deep ones. Seismologists mark out the boundary between the first two types at the depth of about 70 kilometers, its nature being still unclear. Russian researchers have put forward a hypothesis that the seismic boundary is simultaneously the lower boundary of hydrosphere. The earthquakes character depends on underground water.

Grouping Kids By Ability Harms Education, Two Studies Show

Education researchers have found major flaws in theeducation policy aiming to have ability groupings as the norm in key subjects. Two new separate studies show that sorting school children into sets is neither an accurate way of assessing ability, nor is it beneficial to their learning.

High Protein Yam Bean: A Nearly Forgotten Crop

Researchers discovered a variation of the yam bean with less water content and high in protein. This could fulfill the need of a more stable crop and food source in sub-Saharan and west Africa where root crops are a major source of nourishment.

How Does Online Gaming Affect Social Interactions?

Online multiplayer communities are social networks built around multiplayer online computer games. Members of these communities typically share an interest in online gaming and a great deal of the interaction between them is technologically mediated. It is a playground which can give us clues about the future of social and technological developments, according to the researcher.

Monitoring Diet: Nutritionists To Evaluate Cell Phone Pictures

A research team plans to help health-conscious people better gauge what's on their plates by using their cell phone cameras. The project would expand on a technique already in use by adding a strong scientific grounding. Currently, dieters can subscribe to online sites that monitor eating habits by critiquing photos they send of their meals. The idea offers busy people the chance to get...

Mystery Behind How Nuclear Membrane Forms During Mitosis Solved

Just how a dividing cell rebuilds the nuclear envelope, the protective, functional wrapping that encases both the original and newly copied genetic material, has been a source of controversy for the last 20 years. The answer matters because the architecture established during formation of the envelope is regarded as key to future regulation of gene expression.

New Insights into the Control of Stem Cells: Keeping the Right Balance

Researchers continue to gain insights into the regulation of stem cells and their role in self-renewal and repair mechanisms. One important stem cell regulator discovered is now known as the Wnt signaling pathway. There are a few signaling pathways active in embryogenesis. All are vital for the development of the embryo into a healthy organism and for maintaining life functions in the adult.

Photoacoustic Images Add Valuable Information To Conventional Mammography

Photoacoustic techniques can supplement conventional imaging techniques in breast cancer diagnostics. From first tests on patients using the 'photoacoustic mammoscope' researchers conclude that the images obtained add valuable information about the vascularisation of a tumor. In four out of five cases the photoacoustic images of the 'suspect' breast area show areas of high intensity around the...

Scientific Nursing Top Gives Breastfeeding Babies A Brain Workout

Breastfeeding babies could become smarter thanks to a scientifically designed 'clever baby' nursing top recently revealed by the University of Portsmouth. The new nursing top incorporates the latest research in infant cognitive development by using patterns designed to stimulate babies' vision. Studies indicate that patterns with high contrast colours, especially black and white, register...

Surgeons Remove Patient's Gall Bladder Through Vagina

Surgeons have performed the first clinical trial surgery in Southwestern USA to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of performing abdominal procedures through the body's natural openings, virtually eliminating scarring. The procedure involved removing the gallbladder through the patient's vagina without traditional incisions through the skin. Only one small incision through the naval was...

Synthetic Biology? Memory In Yeast Cells Synthesized

Researchers have successfully synthesized a DNA-based memory loop in yeast cells, findings that mark a significant step forward in the emerging field of synthetic biology. After constructing genes from random bits of DNA, researchers not only reconstructed the dynamics of memory, but also created a mathematical model that predicted how such a memory "device" might work.

Top Five Signs That Your Child Is Struggling In College

College can be a stressful time for young adults as they learn to navigate the world with new responsibilities, new friends and unfamiliar independence. Students who don't cope well with the challenges of the college environment and new stressors may be more at risk for substance abuse, eating disorders, abusive relationships and depression. According to a recent survey by the American College...

Who Went There? Matching Fossil Tracks With Their Makers

Fossilized footprints are relatively common, but figuring out exactly which ancient creature made particular tracks has been a mystery that has long stumped paleontologists. Scientists have now combined their expertise in anatomy and ichnology (the study of tracks) to match up the most common tracks with their makers. Detailed measurements of the tracks, combined with measurements of the legs,...