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Gabrielle returns to Atlantic (AP)

AP - Gabrielle, struggling to stay organized as it pulled away from the North Carolina coast, weakened from a tropical storm to a tropical depression early Monday, the National Hurricane Center...

Marine Team Finds Surprising Evidence Supporting A Great Biblical Flood

Did the great flood of Noah's generation really occur thousands of years ago? Was the Roman city of Caesarea destroyed by an ancient tsunami? Will pollution levels in our deep seas remain forever a mystery? These are just a few of the questions that are being addressed by a new environmental marine research team. Scientists and Swedish environmental philanthropist Andreas Weil are collaborating on...

Non-stick Molds

Aircraft wings and dashboards are shaped in metal molds. These have to be 'greased', just like cake tins, before each molding process so that the plastic parts can be extracted at the end. A permanent coating has been designed to provide help in future. Baking a cake without greasing the tin is usually a disaster: The cake cannot be taken out in one piece. The same principle applies to the...

Teen Binge Drinkers Risk Alcoholism And Social Exclusion As Adults

Teen binge drinkers are significantly more likely to become heavy drinkers as adults and find themselves with a string of criminal convictions, indicates a new study. The researchers monitored the health and prospects of more than 11,000 UK children born in 1970 at the ages of 16 and 30. They collected information on binge drinking during the preceding fortnight and habitual drinking during the...

Device To Predict Proper Light Exposure For Human Health

Scientists have long known that the human body runs like clockwork, guided by a circadian system that responds to daily patterns of light and darkness. Now a team of researchers is developing a personal device to measure daily light intake and activity, which could allow them to predict optimal timing for light therapy to synchronize the circadian clock to the 24-hour solar day and relieve...

New Cause Of Blindness Discovered

Scientists found evidence for blindness associated with a gene involved in retinal pH regulation. Their characterization of a mouse model with a targeted disruption of the Slc4a3 gene has revealed a new cause of blindness.

Ancient Escape Tunnel Discovered In Israel

In excavations in the City of David aimed at exposing the main road in Jerusalem from the time of the Second Temple period, the city's main drainage channel was discovered. According to the writings of Josephus Flavius, the residents of the city fled to this channel at the time of the revolt in order to hide from the Romans.

Chemotherapy May Be Culprit For Fatigue In Breast Cancer Survivors

Compared to healthy women, breast cancer survivors reported more days of fatigue and more severe fatigue symptoms. Fatigue is a common complaint in the general population and, anecdotally, common among cancer patients. Comparative fatigue studies between the two populations, however, have been marred by methodological shortcomings, such as poorly matched controls and patient populations.