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New Drug Paradigm: Liquid Crystal Pharmaceuticals

An innovative liquid crystal technology that offers the promise of new drugs which may more effectively manage cancer and other diseases has been developed. The most recent research involving Liquid Crystal Pharmaceuticals has yielded a new investigational anti-tumor drug called Tolecine™, a compound that also has antiviral and antibacterial applications. It has been shown to be even more...

New Insight Into How Antibiotics Kill Might Make Them Deadlier

Scientists have what could be some very bad news for disease-causing bacteria. All three major classes of antibiotics that kill infectious bacteria do so in part by ramping up the production of harmful free radicals, researchers report. Because those different types of antibiotics each initially hit different targets, it had been believed they worked by independent means.

Pain Patients At Risk For Sleep Apnea

Sleep-disordered breathing was common when chronic pain patients took prescribed opioids. A direct dose-response relationship was found between central sleep apnea and methadone and benzodiazepines, an association which had not been previously reported.

Parenting Help For Bipolar Mums And Dads

Parents with bipolar disorder are taking part in a study that will give them the chance to follow a highly successful parenting skills program. Recent research suggests that children of parents with bipolar disorder are at increased risk of behavioural and emotional disturbance, which are risk factors both for their own development and for parental mental health.

Pregnancy May Increase The Risk Of Developing Binge Eating Disorder

Pregnancy may open a window of vulnerability for developing binge eating disorder, especially for women from lower socioeconomic situations, according to a new study. In a long-term study of 100,000 pregnant Norwegian women, the researchers saw an unexpected increase in new incidences of binge eating disorder that began during pregnancy. The research is the largest population-based study of eating...

Preventing Variceal Bleeding

Beta blockers should be the first line of prevention against variceal bleeding in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension. While banding is similarly effective in reducing the incidence of such bleeding, it can have fatal complications and is more expensive. Patients with liver disease often develop portal hypertension from a blockage in the blood flow through the liver.

Primates Expect Others To Act Rationally

Researchers have found that when understanding behavior, primates assume rationality and make inferences based on environmental restraints. The researchers studied over 120 primates from the three major groups of primates, and found the same responses among all three types.

Schizophrenia-linked Gene Keeps New Adult Brain Cells Under Control

A gene with reported links to schizophrenia and other mood disorders plays a broader role in the brain than scientists had previously suspected. The study reveals that the gene, known as Disrupted-In-Schizophrenia 1, directs the incorporation of new neurons into the adult brain and keeps the process under control. The gene's newly discovered roles might help to explain why schizophrenia's symptoms...

Scientists Harvest Answers From Genome Of Grain Fungus

Evil forces thrive in an unstable environment. At least, that's the picture being painted in the first waves of data being reaped from the genome sequence of the fungal plant pathogen, Fusarium graminearum. The sequencing has provided scientists a road map to someday combat a fungus that infects wheat and barley crops, rendering them unusable.

Skin As A Living Coloring Book

The pigment melanin, which is responsible for skin and hair color in mammals, is produced in specialized cells called melanocytes and then distributed to other cells. But not every cell in the complex layers of skin becomes pigmented. The question of how melanin is delivered to appropriate locations may have been answered by a new study.

Virus Connected With Colony Collapse Disorder In Bees

Scientists have found a significant connection between the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) in honey bees. The findings, an important step in addressing the disorder that is decimating bee colonies across the country.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction May Be Caused By Work

Researchers have diagnosed two patients affected with vocal cord dysfunction, which causes coughing and difficulty in breathing due to irritating agents that are breathed in at the workplace. Until now, medical literature had only described two cases of patients with occupational vocal dysfunction.

Beer's On Tap For Binge Drinkers

Beer is the beverage of choice for most adult binge drinkers, according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The beverage preferences of excessive drinkers are important to public health because binge drinking is a common problem in the United States and because binge drinkers -- and those around them -- are especially vulnerable to alcohol-related problems, said one...

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

"Breaking Up is Hard to Do" is advice from a popular 1970s song, but older women going through a relationship breakup may have health problems to go along with their broken hearts, according to researchers. Older women going through a relationship breakup may have health problems to go along with their broken hearts when they return to the dating scene. These singles are also finding a new place...

New Mechanism In Development Of Severe Inherited Disease Discovered

Scientists have shown that the genetic defect that causes Cockayne Syndrome affects a key function of the cell - the transcription of genes coding for ribosomal RNA. Cockayne Syndrome is a recessively inherited disorder that belongs to a group of diseases in which defects in one of the numerous DNA repair systems lead to non-functioning proteins and, thus, to severe health impairments. These...

River Blindness Parasite Becoming Resistant To Standard Treatment

Recent reports of patients failing to respond to ivermectin, the standard drug for treating river blindness (onchocerciasis), have suggested the emergence of drug-resistant Onchocerca volvulus (the parasite that causes river blindness). According to a new study Ivermectin is causing genetic changes in the parasite.

Children Stressed Six Months Before Starting School

The first few days at school can be an anxious time as children face the challenge of a new environment and making new friends but according to new research children show signs of stress three to six months before term even starts. Why a preschool child should be anxious about an event so far in the future is something of a mystery but the scientists speculate that parents were getting stressed...

Small Animal Imaging Facility Is Big Boon To Research

When powerful magnets line up the body's protons before radiofrequency waves can grab their attention away, it's called spin physics. When signals generated by the movement are mathematically transformed into dramatic images of hearts, lungs and other organs it's called a magnetic resonance image.


Despite Their Safety, IUDs Are Underused In Developed Countries, Expert Says

Misconceptions around intrauterine contraceptive devices mean that they are underused in developed countries, despite being a safe and effective form of contraception, says a women's health expert. Side effects such as pain and heavy bleeding are common reasons for discontinuing use of an IUD within the first year, but can usually be managed with appropriate pain relief.